…time to save on cost but not on quality…


From Germany‘s ship building heartland, the northern part of Hanseatic City of Bremen, Vulkan & Voss supplies top quality spare parts for midsize diesel engines and generators of European makers. We do this now for more than 20 years for clients over the whole world. Located in a modern industrial area, we are well connected to highways, ports and airports.

If you need gaskets, nozzles, pressure sensors or crank shafts - we have it. Our big stock and delivery programme is constantly updated as you can see on our  Product page. We pack environmentally mindful with a minimum of plastic.

In addition, we have built a strong partner network for various services like maintenance and overhauls on the spot as you can see on our Service page.

For more information you can use our contact form, call us or send us an e-mail in English, German or Russian!